Manifest Colorado 2014:
A one-day, citywide well-being event held in beautiful Manitou Springs


Manifest Magazine:
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Our focus is to create a day of experiences that encompass a wide and diverse range of health and wellness activities, with multiple events happening at each of the many Manitou Springs parks. We have invited like-minded musicians, artists, teachers, yogis, chefs, and health driven individuals to come and share their love of community and art with us – to teach and inspire, and celebrate being alive! Our purpose for this day is to bring together people from all of these areas for a manifestation of mind, body and spiritual well-being – to educate and celebrate the whole self through music, yoga, food, arts, and fitness. In addition to our goal of educating and entertaining the public, we hope to invite the citizens of Colorado and the world back to Manitou Springs. After recently suffering through many hardships and disasters, the community of Manitou Springs is ready to host an event such as this, showing our resolve in the face of adversity and proving that we are a great destination for family fun, historical and cultural tourism, outdoor recreation and exciting nightlife.

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